Database High Availability Services

Averon architects and successfully deploys secured business critical applications

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Reduce the Chances of Data Outages Due to Security Breaches- Set Up Best-Practices Today

Automatic Back-up

Copy Back-up
Sync Databases
Log-shipping Topology


Manage the Database replication process
Capture Source Transactions
Writable Database

Database Mirroring

Support failover
Avoid Database downtime
Disaster recovery and high availability

Maintain data availability with secured high availability models

Automatically Diagnose Persistent Data Failures to ensure that your database is up and running 99.99% of the time

Improve the availability and performance ratio of your infrastructure with our expertsthat can develop solutions engineered to perform and give you tangible results.
Install or update your databasewith the latest certified patch sets available. You can also configure your database using best practices to document your choices and configuration.
Averons technical team will review current processes with stakeholders to ensure changes are validated.which should include representatives for any unit that affects the business needs, functionality, presentation, and availability of your system.

Wide array of solutions for your Database High Availability needs

Averon provides multi-dimensional services spread across a variety of databases

We can help your business move faster and reduce everyday cost by maximizing the potential of your database. That is why we provide strong functional support for the following widely used databases.

SQL Server

With the help of our special technicians, you can easily have Failover Cluster Instances to leverage Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) functionality to provide local high availability for your entire infrastructure.

Oracle Features

We can harness the best of the Oracle Database management tools to give you minimum downtime, data outages, data loss etc that will help you control costs.

Averons proves database certified engineers provide HA services

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Affordable Services


Anytime Support


Certified Team


Zero Data Loss Assured

Flexible pricing packages

Services That Would Accommodate Business of any size

We have packages and offerings that can take care of Database High Availability issues for almost any business size. We understand the limitations of budget and that is why we offer flexible service offerings-

Critical single project requests

You can engage Averon’s technicians to solve a particular challenge helping you to meet production deadlines

Health and welfare system check

You can avail comprehensive packages that Averon has to offer such as complete database health check-up, server migrations etc. on an agreed time schedule.