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Survive the digital age of disruption with state of art attributes of EPM Oracle Cloud

Here are some benefits of Oracle EPM Cloud:

  • It can recognize key parts of your business at a nascent stage for a faster development
  • The AI of the cloud conducts regular procedures to see whether or not you are using the right digital metrics
  • It comes with a built-in ability to innovate the main parts of your business as you go
  • The best part is that it imposes minimal business disruption and therefore reduces costs
  • Cloud systems that will examine, identify, and launch a new business model on its own.

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Averon’s deployments of Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud helps the companies of any size to lead with assurance in the digital economy. With industry standards and Modern Best Practice, Oracle EPM Cloud helps you drive plans that are accurate and agile across the industry.

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Meet today’s—and tomorrow’s—reporting demands. Significantly decrease the time and cost to finish the project budgeting. Deliver on expanded administrative requirements necessities.

Connect Your Organization

Breakdown your data silos. Associate your teams and procedures with an advanced EPM framework. Engage clients with secure joint effort capacities.

Drive Predictable Performance

Enhance the precision, proficiency, and consistency of your budgeting and planning procedures. Associate operational procedures and financial planning with Oracle's powerful, cloud-based EPM arrangements.

Predict Alternative Scenarios Faster

EPM transcends the finance department to every area of your business. It connects the dots between operation and financial data, which helps you to analyze and predict alternative scenarios without missing a beat.

Averon’s Capabilities in integrating Oracle EPM Cloud to fit your business

Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service

Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service enables you to automate resolution tasks, sustain risk-based cycles, and expand real-time visibility into understanding performance.

Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service

Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud solutions enable management to review costs and productivity and take corrective actions if necessary.

Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service

Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services enable you to maintain independent plans while aligning development processes across the venture —all with the ease and minimalism of the cloud—and without profound reliance on IT.

Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud Service

Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud solutions are designed to work with your finance systems to help carry valuable, professional, and clear corporate tax procedures including tax provision along with country by country reporting (CbCR).

Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service

Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Services use the best practices of the industry to streamline the consolidation process. This effortless configurable solution makes sure that procedures are compliant, auditable, timely, and transparent.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service

Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud solutions empower businesses of all sizes to provide a secure, collaborative, and process driven approach for defining, authoring, reviewing and publishing financial and management report packages.

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