Oracle HCM Cloud Solutions that Help your Workplace Thrive


Equip your business for a better future enabling ultimate flexibility and choice for your organization as it grows and evolves

The following highlights some of the major benefits of Oracle HCM Cloud

  • Built with an AI-first approach, Oracle HCM Cloud helps you make faster and smarter decisions to drive business transformation
  • Oracle Fusion HCM cloud Applications deliver strategic business value to every person in an organization – from professional users to employees and managers.
  • Deliver end-to-end business processes to maximize connected outcomes.
  • Achieve workforce and business agility.
  • It offers a rapid integration with third-party applications and services

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Align People, Business and Infrastructure Workflow

With the help of Oracle HCM Cloud, you can easily find, grow and retain the best talent of the industry, enable beneficial collaboration, provide complete workforce insights, increase operational efficiency and make it easy for everyone to connect on any device.
The artificial intelligence (AI) recommends roles, suggests learning, and predicts which employees might be thinking of leaving the company. With HCM Oracle cloud you get the power to predict not only the future of the business but also your employees.

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Innovative Integration

Out of the box integration with existing oracle and peopleSoft applications lets you seamlessly link new oracle Fusion HCM cloud Applications with your current HR systems .

Minimal Investment

Oracle HCM Cloud brings together a multiple of previous disparate applications such as Global HR, Talent Management, etc. all of which will save the business time and money.

Accurately Capture time

Accurately capture time for all employees: Full-time, part-time, exempt, non-exempt, consultants, etc. enabling you to manage costs more effectively.

Enhances Performance

Modernize performance management and make it an ongoing activity through continuous conversations on goals, review progress on performance goals and record coaching activity related to attaining performance goals.

Averon Deployed Oracle HCM Cloud Solutions

Global Human Resources Cloud

A single HR system that promotes one global HR team. HR personnel across regions can communicate quickly and efficiently. All employees have visibility to all company opportunities enabling valuable staff members to move within the company with ease.

Talent Management Cloud

Single talent management system that manages the talent search through employee onboarding. Performance management, social network and collaboration are all part of Oracle HCM Talent Management.

HCM Analytics

Powerful reporting tool with out of the box reports and dashboards. Report and dashboards can easily be customized. Deep analytics enable you to evaluate current activity and provide useful insights to future trends.

Compensation Management

We provide you with Compensation management that’s smart and streamlined by providing tight integration between compensation and talent which in turn lets you align rewards with performance, ensuring the highest return on your human capital.

Fusion Architecture

With our expertise in single code line common to all instances of oracle Fusion HCM applications, you can move your applications from the public cloud to a private cloud, hybrid cloud or your own servers in your own data center seamlessly.

Robust Infrastructure

With our Oarcle HCM expertise you can uniquely own and manage the entire infrastructure of your cloud applications: from the application to the middleware and to data center facility itself.

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