Deploy Your Business Applications to the Cloud Using Oracle SaaS

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Averon's Oracle SaaS Implementations Improve Business Productivity and Process Flow

Experience the built-in modern best practices of SaaS With us and boost your business revenue.

Management of the SaaS Environment

The main operational benefit of a SaaS environment is that you need not be concerned with application fixes and upgrades. The hosting provider will have that responsibility. You will have all the upgrades implemented by default.

Easy Start-Up with Many Out-Of-The-Box Features

Averon SaaS solutions utilizes many of the built-in functionality of a SaaS application while at the same provide customization that may be unique to your business. All of this enables you to connect and even automate faster.

Create Secure Custom Extensions To Your Apps

Averon's highly skilled technical staff can build seamless integration between your existing on-premise applications or databases and your SaaS applications running on the Cloud. It is also possible to run a hybrid system effectively.

Secured Implementations with Identity Management

Averon protects the SaaS deployed apps via Identity Management solutions similar to what you have had for your traditional on-premise apps. You will receive the same high-level secure coverage for access and authorization to these respective systems.

Fast-Track Innovation with ERP, HCM and EPM Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud Applications is the only suite that delivers the one complete suite of modern cloud applications that are incorporated into social, mobile, and analytics.

SaaS and ERP For the SMB Market

Averon has deployed effective SaaS solutions, which small sized businesses can leverage the industrial-strength of ERP software that larger enterprises have been using for years. A cloud-based ERP solution can be implemented quickly, with no CapEx investment. For small sized businesses looking to innovate quickly, our cloud ERP solutions offer the flexibility to quickly add new users and support changing business needs.

SaaS and EPM

SaaS and EPM cloud integration is the unified solution for the entire applications suite. When compared to deploying a single-point software application—such as consolidations or planning and budgeting—an EPM cloud suite offers the best advantage. A complete solution integrates management processes across the organization, aligning strategy with execution. This helps your organisation to save time and money.

SaaS and HCM

The cloud and software-as-a-service delivery models are quickly becoming the new normal for HCM technologies. With Averon's HCM Cloud approach you will be able to take advantage of current technology and trends in the Human Capital Management space. You get the choices of on-premise, on-demand, SaaS or hybrid , enabling ultimate scalability and choice for your enterprise as it develops and grows.

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Benefits of Oracle SaaS

Why SaaS?


All Oracle applications are planned and tried for adaptability, so framework execution and reaction time are not compromised. Versatile SaaS applications keep up ideal execution levels. So intermittent increments in information inflows are effectively taken care of.

Reduced Upfront Costs

Since SaaS is a subscription based technology you only pay for what you use. You are up and running quickly with lower capital expenditure.


SaaS is not an all or nothing concept. To get yourself started quickly you can select a portion of the application to start off with. Then at a later date you can implement other pieces of the SaaS offering as time and budget allow.

Up-to-date Upgrades

The hosting vendor is responsible for all product fixes and upgrades. You do not allocate resources for these ongoing tasks enabling you to assign your valuable IT resources to other tasks.

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