The Dawn of the Autonomous Database

 Posted By - Steve Brody

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  25 April 2019

This past year there has been much talk about the autonomous database, especially from Oracle. The question though is it a reality or is it the latest industry fad? It’s my opinion it is reality spawned from emerging technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Without AI and ML there can be no autonomous database solution.

Autonomous database is designed to replace not only mundane and repetitive human interaction but to also manage the maintenance of the database and allocating additional resources as needed. So if you have processes that are heavily used in an unpredictable fashion additional storage can be allocated automatically.

What makes the autonomous database work? At the most simplistic level – l First of course you need the database. Second it must be deployed in a Cloud environment. Thirdly it needs to be run as a Platform as a Service with high-end capacity hardware. This is your starting point.

Financially the business will save money. The cost savings to the IT budget will show itself as the cost for human intervention is greater than the cost to run an autonomous database. With that said who is using or planning to use an autonomous database? Right now I see this viable for the large enterprise. I don’t see how the not so large enterprise would find the autonomous database affordable. Although as previously stated one’s IT budget ultimately will see savings, however the startup cost is expensive.

In time as the costs come down we will see the not so large enterprises start to adopt the autonomous database. Till such time it will be wise for the smaller enterprise to do their due diligence for this solution so that they will be able to move fast once the cost become affordable. 

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