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15 - February 2019

What You Must Know About Moving ERP to the Cloud

  Averon Solutions


Article written by By David Linthicum Nearly 70 percent of enterprise organizations are currently migrating data for enterprise resource planning (ERP)...

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4 - February 2019

Private Clouds for the Enterprise

  Steve Brody


Have Private Clouds Finally Found Their Place In The Enterprise? Article written by  Jason Bloomberg Contributor Enterprise & Cloud I...

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30 - January 2019

Oracle, AWS, and Azure Benchmarking Shootout

  Steve Brody


Pilosa is a software company that produces analytical reports. They ran a benchmark comparing AWS, Oracle and Azure. We should...

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23 - January 2019

Can a Hybrid Cloud Strategy Boost IT Transformation Adoption?

  Melanie Antoine


Breaking out of old perceptions about the role of IT departments be the key to being part of companies’ overall...

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16 - January 2019

Oracle Cloud Day January 15, 2019 @ New York City

  Steve Brody


Averon’s take on Oracle Cloud Day Oracle Cloud Day in New York City demonstrated how Oracle continues to make headway...

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11 - January 2019

Top cloud providers 2018: How AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle,...

  Steve Brody


Here’s a look at the annual run rates, hybrid cloud strategies, and approaches to artificial intelligence and machine learning among...

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10 - January 2019

ComputerWorld article on Top Four Enterprise Tech Trends for 2019

  Naga Nandigum


Security, AI, cloud computing and blockchain are all expected to see significant advances this year. By Michelle Davidson Community Editor,...

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23 - October 2018

Larry Ellison pitches Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud as purpose-built for...

  Melanie Antoine


At Oracle OpenWorld, the CTO appealed to customers with significant database workloads — and those looking for an AWS alternative....

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6 - October 2018

Digital Cloud Summit – Keynote on AI

  Melanie Antoine


What an Amazing Night! Presentations, Raffle Winners, Networking, Food, Drinks, and Giveaways. Among all definitely Key Note by Entrepreneur, Mentor...

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6 - September 2018

Averon plans its Digital Cloud Summit for 2018 in Edison,...

  Melanie Antoine


“Digital Cloud Summit will be an information Extravaganza” says the  Srinivas Mandipudi, Director of Cloud Services. The event is planned...

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