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Our developed applications are deployable to all platforms

We create unique applications to best meet business requirements

Mobile App Development

Averon developed apps are utilized by end-users on any mobile device (phone, tablet) or PC

Web App Development

Custom back and front-end programming are developed utilizing common programming languages including PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, C# (C Sharp), C++, Java, HTML, in addition to JavaScriptAll Averon web developed apps utilize well known structures and user interfaces are safe and secured.

Desktop & Cloud App Development

We program effective cross-platform desktop and cloud applications for major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) utilizing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) suppliers for the public, private, and hybrid cloud applications and foundational infrastructure.

Hybrid App Development

Averon can develop and deploy applications that run over any framework and across a multiple and disparate platformsAveron can develop and deploy applications that run over any framework and across a multiple and disparate platforms

Tricks That a Good App Can Do to Spin the Tables for You

Averon developers will build business specific apps

All Averon developed applications are built for multi-platform support. They are fully tested and maintained by our development team.
Averon developed applications use standard architecture and coding methodologies. This ensures that program enhancements and upgrades are done quickly and efficiently.
Averon develops "state of the art" applications that are superior in design. They are end-user friendly and scalable. Therefore as your business grows these applications will continue to be useful and productive without incurring modifications.
Security is a priority for any business application. Averon develops our applications with security in mind from the conceptual stage and not as an after-thought.
The distributed app development services allows the number of backups to be configured; as long as the number of backups is one or higher, any cluster node can fail without the loss of data.

Maintain the automatic load-balance of your apps across the servers. With this technique the data in a distributed cache is spread out over all the servers in such a way that no two servers are responsible for the same piece of cached data.

In-house Application Development

Your business ideas merged with our developer's expertise

Innovative Consulting

Averon's experienced project management team will sit and listen to your business needs. We will then present a full encompassing viable solution that will solve the business need.

Technical Expertise

Our highly experienced and certified in-house team is knowledgeable in the most recent technologies and coding strategies. Our technical team will work closely with you and our project manager to ensure that the application is being developed correctly according to requirements.

Agile DevOps

Our procedure centers around utilizing a close collaborative effort and incessant correspondence to rapidly convey useful custom web applications. We convey small, quick, and with a tight mix of development, QA, and deployment.

Application Support Solutions

We give application support solutions that reduce authorizing and support issues related to more established innovations and also improve Business Process Management (BPM) forms. We use reverse engineering to determine issues for technology that lacks important documentation.

Server Migration Solutions

We actualize server relocation solutions for middleware segments, including BizTalk Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), Apache Web Server,.NET, Java and PHP structures, Remote Procedure Call (RPC), Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM), and Object Request Broker (ORB).

Location Transparency

No matter where the application resides, nor how many servers are involved the same API process is utilized. This is all transparent to the end-use

App Session Management

We provide dramatic performance improvement, particularly for deployments that utilize large sessions and aggressive session expiry for all your apps. This is a service which can be availed in each and every type of app-development.

Application Container

We build and develop cloud native, 12-factor style applications on a modern polyglot platform with Java SE, PHP, Node.js and more. Averon developers capabilities are such that we can build and deploy on any platform quickly and securely

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