Dedicated Team. For Your Dedicated Dreams.

Averon’s solutions are designed, built, and supported with contemporary business applications

Averon combines latest multi-platform technologies to accelerate results for your enterprise by incorporating standards with unique abilities. It creates an environment that reflects the art of global solutions.

Averon's Mission

Averon Solutions is dedicated to provide world class solutions, paving the path to our client's success by diligently understanding and delivering their business needs. Averon incorporates innovative thinking, with top ranked professionals, determined for on time delivery.

Averon Solutions analyze today’s Challenges and envision tomorrow’s Innovation. When the best people collaborate, even the most complex challenges could be resolved with ease; and Averon Solutions is proud to be the destination for all such professionals in the industry where they are mentored and nurtured to face the real world problems with ease.

We believe in
  • Highly Satisfied Employees
  • Excellence in Training and Support
  • Unparalleled Quality in our timely Deliverables
Our Services

We provide IT services with strategic end-to-end solutions to our esteemed clients.

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Our Solutions

We provide affordable IT solutions that would exceed your expectations and delight you and your end clients.

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Averon has partnerships with all the leading Cloud providers

Innovative IT services and solutions built in support with the latest high-end technology from today’s market leaders

Amazon Cloud Partners specializes in designing cloud solutions that offer business agility and agility with access to a varied range of resources. Business is at the center of every key decision that you make for your organization. You need access to a varied range of resources as well as training to support these decisions. Let us be your eyes and ears on the cloud. Innovate and automate with our Amazon Cloud expertise, redesign your products to make them cloud-worthy and prepared for growth, or improve scalability and efficiencies online with AWS product services. With our Amazon Cloud expertise, we'll re-engineer your products to make them capable of running on the cloud.

Averon can convert your business-critical applications to run on the cloud. Even better, we'll optimize your application and make a seamless migration from the cloud. The result is effortless computing, coherent storage, and more.

Averon is a certified Oracle Partner who specializes in E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud SaaS Solutions. We provide an end-to-end approach that includes Oracle best practices, streamlined processes, and our strategic integration methodology to help control costs and grow your business.

Innovative IT Solutions Supported By Market Leaders

Averon Solutions builds a gateway of opportunities with end-to-end strategic solution design, software development, and support for optimal performance.

Due to our expertise across multi-platform technologies and skill-sets, Averon Solutions provides services to a wide spectrum of customers across verticals such as

  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Telecom, Insurance
  • Hospitality
  • Retail & Distribution and Manufacturing
  • Serving multinational customers

Averon Solutions has gained vast experience and competence to deliver quality services at competitive prices

Averon Solutions embraces the approach to build a gateway of opportunities, delivering solutions based on our ability to accomplish a vision, which purely needs professional excellence. We incorporate standards with unique abilities to create an environment that reflects the art of global solutions.

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