Re-engineer Reporting Needs

Reporting with latest choice of solutions implemented for your real-time deliverables

Meet the unique requirements of your business with high-end documentation

Readily Available Analytics

Integrated Graphs, Pi Charts, Images and Logos.
Spread Sheet capabilities with Summaries and Drill Down.
Run Multiple Reports Simultaneously.

Optimize Resources

Maximize Resource Availability.
Re-execute Reports.
Customize Report Structure.

Rapid Development

Combine Grids of Data and Text.
Maintain Complex Reports.
Minimal Integration Time.

Choose a business reporting platform wisely


Harness the power of performance management for financial reporting
Benefit from financial reporting that can be used to focus and filter reports. A graphical, object-based interface that enables the rapid creation of reports combining grids of data and text, charts, graphs, and images.


Query based BI tool
Consolidate, search, visualize and analyze all your data sources.Take advantage of optimized dashboards with distinguished updates delivered on the cloud


Uncover new insights and make faster business decisions
Drill, pivot, and filter data directly on a dashboard, while having a rich set of prompts and powerful interactions. Information is filtered and personalized based on identity, function, or role - based on predefined security rules.

  • Tibco Jasper Reports – Interactive and easy integrations
  • Microstrategy – Effortless and optimized connectors for multiple sources
  • Google Analytics – Integrated machine learning
  • Tableau – Visualization shared with integrated social media
  • Zoho Reports – Unlimited cloud storage with built in analytics
  • Microsoft Power BI – Business analytics that deliver insights throughout your organization
  • SAP Crystal Reports – Direct connectivity to data for flexible reporting
  • Salesforce Analytics – Full complement of dashboards, analyze real-time data
  • IBM Cognos BI –Self-service analytics tool set across all industries

Today’s finance teams can easily spend up to 85 percent of their time on collecting and validating data, developing reports, and maintaining and updating spreadsheets.

Too often the true, value-added work of analysis doesn’t start until the end of the week—leaving little time to develop real insights.
Averon's ideal reporting implementation will consider various aspects of trending business needs including Analytics.

Transactional reports.
Real-time data with drill down capabilities.
Data security along with accessibility.
Accuracy and traceability of data including performance efficiency.

Systemize all your reporting needs

The overall efficiency of a successful strategic business enterprise depends on how well it is developing insightful analysis, evaluating decisions, discussing options, and collaborating with decision-makers.

Need for re-engineering reporting

Modern-day reporting demands capabilities that are sophisticated, accurate, efficient, visually appealing and at the same time availability and accessibility of reports for any group in the organization. Implement and integrate the modern day reporting today.

Custom and efficient reporting

Custom reporting needs can easily be ignored while planning for overall business transformations gearing towards more modern and automated software implementations. Surge services are well equipped to integrate any reporting needs much required for business growth and can lead to greater success.