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Reach new goals every day by benefiting from the advantages of using testing-as-a-service


Increase your business footprint by utilizing Averon testing services


Plan your testing cycles keeping the changing nature of technology in mind. Automate regular test cases to save time and speed the process.


Execute the strategy that you have come up with in the previous step. Make milestones for each phase and monitor the success.


Averons scalability matrix provides check points to map business requirements to test cases allowing transparency for the business.

Automate Testing Procedures

Take the advantage of Averon's best-practices model for testing needs

Boost your transition to the cloud with proven Load and Regression testing methods, including testing your changes or upgrades using real production workloads.
Our Load Testing Service helps you to mitigate the risk of system changes, by testing the capacity/load characteristics of your infrastructure.
On-demand automated provisioning of complete software test labs that includes the ability to deploy complex multi-tier applications, test tools, and test software.

Special Services for Oracle Environment

Self-service testing solutions designed for private, public & hybrid clouds

We are the cloud experts leveraging the power of sophisticated chargeback systems for the metering and charging usage of the testing cloud by end-users.

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Averon helps you to significantly lessen the testing time and costs without compromising the quality and enable your business to be more agile in delivering critical business applications to your users.


We provide a Pre-built assembly for Oracle Load Testing, Oracle Functional Testing as well as a custom test driver. It facilitates sharing of cloud hardware resource pools to help maximize hardware utilization while abiding by security policies.

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Averon’s Testing Services enables us to be highly competitive with affordable pricing.

Benefit from our expertise to move your business faster with lower costs

Scale your apps and enhance your business with new testing processes that fits your budget.

Maximize Tools

We can work around the tools that you already have or utilize the readily available testing tool from the internet.

Maximize Software

With our testing methodologies you get maximum value of your software deployments at lower costs.