Digital Transformation

Align Cloud Delivery to Your Digital Strategy and Redefine the possibilities in precarious Software trends


Averon helps you develop a New Class of Business That is More Agile than Its Competitors

Build a Common Platform

Invest in an effective digital platform to build a common dashboard where an ecosystem of users can repeatedly create and exchange value.

Introduce a Digital Culture

Create a digital culture that helps you in maximizing inspiration and innovation, allowing everyone to be able to increase the customer experience.

Go Cloud Native

Customize the right mix of digital services for your specific business needs with swiftly provisioned and highly scalable cloud solutions.

Deploy Core Digital Services

Harness the Unparalleled Capabilities of Technology for Incremental Gains

Remain one step ahead of this hyper-connected world with the implementation of digital connections in your business model and infrastructure. Provide better business connections by linking people, places and things.
Gain control over cloud from Averon insights enabling flexibility, integration capabilities and agility that businesses need to grow and take the engagement models to market .
With cloud-based systems, employee devices, customer devices and partner networks are all protected via integrated IAM practices.

Gain sustainable operational efficiencies

Modernize your identity with comprehensive cloud strategy

Averon offers your business a real meaning of digital transformation by providing solutions over three key cloud platforms.

Oracle Cloud

Has a full integrated cloud ERP offerings with quick deployments, greater flexibility and best in class real-time analytics and reporting.

AWS Cloud

We help you revamp business models by garnering AWS cloud technology. AWS cloud based solutions are technology enablers in all platforms.

Google Cloud

Leverage Google Web Suite with cost-effective cloud services. With Averon’s expertise you can maximize online presence and digital reputation.

Averon’s approach to Digital Transformation

Key Features of our services


Seamless Digital Transformation


Delivering Digital Capital


Easy migration to the cloud


loT &AI led business model

Plan your path to Digital transformation & Cloud Readiness

We can assist your successful Cloud Journey

Revolutionize the market trends and adapt to cloud readiness with our flexible approach. We understand the roots of your business and compliment them with latest robust technologies that best fits your processes. We enhance your opportunity to innovate and allow you to stand ahead of the game while strategically taking advantage of Cloud.

Lift and Shift

This migration approach quickly meets cloud transformation from on premise model using automated tools to boost the performance in a fast forward manner. Best suited for businesses with no further re-architecture with less disruption to get started with the Cloud.

Co-exist with traditional ERP

This approach allows you to migrate at your pace. Meaning selected parts of an application can be on the cloud while others can remain on premise. Businesses can take advantage of incremental moves towards Cloud adaption.