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Time is key for any prospective business transformations and implementing modern day software solutions. While the full blown features are sparsely utilized in the urge to stabilize, the transformation efforts can be just about satisfactory. Our Surge services are well designed bringing onboard vast industry experience, offering not only stability but in the quickest possible time-frame.

Period close can be a real pain in any business transformation implementation achieved through either ERP or Non-ERP solutions. Preparing and posting accruals, on-time integrations, reconciliation, reporting and globalization all need to be achieved simultaneously and within a pre specified timeframe. More than anticipated cleanup and manual interventions might be required for meeting auditing and stability needs. Averon Solutions Surge process will proactively measure and guide the business work in collaboration to achieve the structured and streamlined period close process within weeks from implementation.
Integrations are very common in the coexistence models where typical business operations require more than one software. Need to transact information both with internal and external applications securely will be handled during implementations. Complexities in these integrations can lead major business disruptions and investment. Our Surge team comprises of architects coming from both functional and development background who can quickly understand and ensure smoother transition.
Custom Reporting needs can easily be ignored while planning for overall business transformations gearing towards more modern and automated software implementations. A strategy developed for business growth can lead to greater success only when proper reporting needs are addressed. Surge Services are well equipped to integrate and address any reporting requirements during or post implementation.
Sometimes with the stringent timeliness training and Documentation efforts are shelved during implementations. This might cause major post go-live stability concerns. Train the trainer programs might not be all sufficient in cases. Hand holding the end users who perform day to day business activities using the latest and greatest software should not be ignored. Success can be easily achieved by properly documenting business processes and training the end users to perform their day to day activities efficiently. Averon’s Surge team is heterogeneous. We are comprised of developers, testers, trainers, business analysts and architects who work in sync for making your success an undeniable truth.