Infrastructure Management

Embrace a stable hardware and software framework to support your growing enterprise


Reduce the existing complexity, associated costs and maintenance


AI, Blockchain
Data Analytics


Reduce Workload
Cut Costs
Introduce automation & machine learning


Build future-ready model
Manage Cloud
Integrate Data

Architect a strong framework for your Infrastructure services and build an evolving enterprise

Use a Comprehensive Services Mechanism to Take Care of All the Aspects of your Organization

Administration roles & responsibilities easily defined across all entities. For example database administration, storage utilization, server management and system readiness. Data backup and recovery, server hosting are additional services.
Manage all network related activities including TCP/IP, VPN, SAN/LAN/WAN and also investigative tools including switches, firewalls and routers.
Introducing the IT frameworks in your business enterprise can help you reduce your infrastructure investment by half. On top of it if you get cloud computing which is the ultimate solution to fix all your infrastructure related problems. Optimize your infrastructure for cloud, mobile, and social ecosystems.

Plan a reliable & solid foundation for your business

Understanding the Hardware and Software systems of your organization

Enterprises that have deployed the infrastructure management services have seen their business grow. End users of these systems become more productive and are able to respond to issues quickly.


Cloud integration and managed applications provide the much needed flexibility to your infrastructure

Future Ready Enterprise

Business insights driven by data analytics provide you with the ability to monitor and forecast your business without worrying about infrastructure.

Business Leverage

Business insights driven by data analytics provide you with the ability to monitor and forecast your business without worrying about infrastructure.


With automated infrastructure and virtualization get optimized gain on your investment.

Our Service Portfolio

Averons infrastructure management and integration services.

  Deployment & Implementation

  Infrastructure support

  Hardware Management

  Systems Integration

  Software Security

  Backup & Recovery

  SLA-based Infrastructure support

Make the most of the Remote Server Technology

Averon’s Special Services provide you with the best cloud based architecture

Get a purpose built cloud-ready system that can drive out complexity. Improve your overall performance and ensure a safe path to Cloud.

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management tools are out of the box. These tools are used to administer and monitor performance, robust diagnostics, configuration management, and lifecycle management across your entire IT infrastructure.

Automation Infrastructure Management tools

Machine Learning and AI are integrated into the infrastructure management tool set. Forth coming infrastructure management tools will fundamentally be influenced by these components.